Welcome to the site of the Spiritualist House Church Of Ebonic Metaphysics (C.O.E.M). We are situated in Northampton England, our task is to make accessible a far reaching entire guide in spiritualist Ebonic metaphysics.

Spiritualist Ebonic Metaphysics ideologies and beliefs are based on a spiritual bloodline psychology or to be more specific an ancestral mentality in which the whole human family derive from.  Let me give you an example of what the C.O.E.M does to raise ourselves up and overcome any and all obstacles in life:

We believe that the ethereal energies that surround us, when tapped into will make you become most powerful and the most valuable.

These energies are what we call Limitless Power. It cannot be tapped into unless certain breathing and meditative exercises are mastered initially so we have to learn how walk before we can run to attain this Limitless Power.

Ultimately to reach out and tap into this Limitless Power you have to become and be the Limitless Power.  How? With your Body and Mind combined; mesh, meld and mold your mind with the energies and powers that surround us. Within this, you become the powers and energies.

As i say, initially breathing and meditation must be your first hurdle to get over so you can eventually Tap In. That is where the C.O.E.M comes in. I will walk you through the steps to a greater version of yourself  by tapping into Spirit Power.

If you can’t make it to our house church, you can take advantage of a good choice of remote spiritualist services accessible for all to pursue just by getting in touch with me by email or phone. Feel free to browse the “about us” page where  i will introduce myself and you can see the list of my services and get a full overview of what C.O.E.M does. You’ll see that i specialize in spiritualist healing, channelling, and mediumship which is just a small example of what the C.O.E.M spiritualist uplifting systems can do to uplift you.

If you are located in or near Northampton and our movements information resonates with you, get in touch. You may want to come to my house church for a small group Limitless Power study and exercise session or to join our Ebonic Metaphysical Spiritualist Sunday congregation.

Brother Esteban has started our C.O.E.M House Church Network where he will be asking anyone internationally who loves our movement to host a small congregation in their home or any small venue. There, members can break bread, study and implement any number of C.O.E.M spiritual services and systems.

Click into the “C.O.E.M Network” page for more information on the network and how you can start your own C.O.E.M spiritualist house Church.


Browse the “About” page for a full introduction and overview. Also read The Mojo Back “Blog” Page to see if what is said resonates with you.


Donating any amount to C.O.E.M allows us to preach the ancestral spirituals by conducting more efficient networking methods, make disciples, and support others in our community who need help like local food banks and homeless shelters. It also helps us pay for administration fees. We’re answering the cry of the needy, and it’s all thanks to contributors like you.

If you like, after your donation, send me an email at: churchofebonicmetaphysics@gmail.com to Founder Minister Esteban. You can make it a brief email explaining you’ve made a donation, give the amount and when you donated, so i can substantiate you donated and state that you would like an Eye of Ra Blessing. I will channel using the Eye of Ra symbol to defend and protect you and use it’s life-giving power to give you more meta-spiritual strength and insight. Also send me within the email, a picture of yourself and your geographic location so i can astrally zero in on your location. I will send you a reply email after i have preformed the Blessing which will be within 24 hours. See the Eye of Ra symbol at the bottom of the “C.O.E.M Network” page.



Thank You And Many Blessings.

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